Black Fish Bone

Guaranteed Head Count

Five business days prior to your event, a confirmed guest count is required. This is the number of guests for which we will prepare and the minimum number of guests for which you will be charged. If the number of guests attending your event exceeds the confirmed guest count, we will accommodate the additional guests to the best of our ability. A large number of unexpected guests may compromise the quantity of food, service and space available. If the guest count is substantially changed additional charges may be applied.

Set Up Fee

The Dead Fish Grill charges a small set up fee for private events. The fee is equal to $2 per person based on the guaranteed head count given prior to the event. This fee covers any set up that might need to be done for the event including movement of furniture, bar set up, buffet set up, etc. The set-up fee does not include decorations, equipment rental, or other special services we provide.

Additional Charges

A 20% service charge will be applied to all checks.


At the end of the event, the host will be presented with the final bill (less the deposit amount) and payment is due at that time. We cannot split checks for private events. Cash, credit cards, or business checks are all acceptable forms of payment.


Guests are allowed to bring their own decorations and decorate during a time specified by the private event director or restaurant manager. This is typically one hour prior to the start of smaller events. Guests are responsible for any decor or equipment that they bring into the restaurant. All items must be removed as soon as the event is over. We are not responsible for any items left at the restaurant. Decorations may not be fastened to the building, furniture, or equipment in any way that damages, leaves a
mark, or leaves a residue. CONFETTI IS NOT ALLOWED.

Music & Entertainment

The Dead Fish Grill provides house music at all times and live entertainment on certain nights. The house music volume can be adjusted in all private areas. We allow private parties to bring in their own music or entertainment if it does not conflict with restaurant operations. If interested in live entertainment or music, please inquire with the event coordinator at the time of your reservation. Depending on circumstances, live music or entertainment may or may not be allowed.


Under no circumstances are guests allowed to bring alcohol onto the premise per Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission rules and regulations. This includes alcohol wrapped or packaged as a gift.

Food Preparation

When preparing food for a buffet-style meal our kitchen prepares enough food for each guest to go through the buffet line once, fill their plate, plus a five to ten percent buffer to accommodate unexpected guests. We make certain that each item on the buffet is replenished until all guests have had a chance to make a plate. Once everyone has been through the line once, any additional food on the buffet may also be enjoyed by your guests, but we will no longer replenish items that run out. If one or two guests arrive late and find the buffet to be lacking entree options, please inform one or your servers and we will have the kitchen prepare
a plate for them. If you think your group may be exceptionally heavy eaters, or would like your guests to go through the line more than once, please contact the private event director for pricing.


A deposit of 50% of the room rental fee for your chosen space is required to secure your reservation. The deposit will be applied toward your final bill. Up to two weeks before your event the deposit is refundable upon cancellation less a 20% service fee. The deposit is nonrefundable if a cancellation occurs within the two weeks prior to your scheduled event.

Room Rentals & Minimum Bill Requirements

All venues  charge a rental fee in addition to your food and beverage bill. Those rental fees can be found listed with their corresponding spaces on ”Venue Pricing” page. To reserve the East Patio or Frank’s Back Patio we require that a minimum amount be spent on food and beverages (not including tax and gratuity). If your group is unable to meet the minimum required bill for any reason, a room rental fee will be charged for the difference between your actual bill and the required minimum bill. Minimum bill requirements are listed with their corresponding spaces on ”Venue Pricing” page.

Signs and Banners

Guests may not post signs or banners in front of the building, in the parking lot area, or by our monument signs, per the US Army Corps. of Engineers. Signs and banners can be posted in the private event area, please see our policy on decorations.

Guest Behavior

Our goal is to create the best environment for your event, our restaurant customers, and our staff. We ask that all guests please keep others in consideration. Any disruptive guests will be asked to leave.

Outside Food or Beverages

No outside food or drinks are permitted with the exception of specialty cakes or desserts for a celebration. In the event that an outside dessert is brought in a $1.50 per person service fee will be charged.

Outdoor Spaces & Inclement Weather

At the time of this contract, you are committing your group to indoor or outdoor space. If you have chosen an outdoor space, please look over and sign the attached outdoor waiver.